Our Vision

Current statistics show of more than 25 million neurological injury victims worldwide annually, most of them experience a prolonged, limited and sometimes agonising rehabilitation period. Our vision and mission is to facilitate and shorten neuro-rehabilitation therapy while improving physical results and improving quality of life for stroke and other neurological injuries patients.

Even the most effective technologies that combine virtual reality, robotics and automation when implemented into traditional therapy methods do not offer any new treatment concept.

BioXtreme’s patent-protected Error Enhancement technology is set to revolutionise neurotherapy by introducing a new, exciting therapy method.


  • Chairman - Mr. Haim Hoffman

    With 40 years of experience in management of multi-disciplinary companies, Mr. Hoffman is one of the most recognised professionals in Israel in the field of business, high-tech, projects management, processes and regulations. In forty years of experience he managed a number of big-volumed companies, including performing exits in some of them.

    Mr. Hoffman holds a BSc in Industrial and Management Engineering from the Technion Institute of Technolgy.

  • CEO - Mr. Nini Bluman

    Mr. Bluman is the co-founder of BioXtreme and the inventor of its ground breaking error enhancement therapy method. He has over 20 years of experience in senior managerial and R&D positions in medical and robotic devices companies. He has a professional background in sports motor-learning. Mr. Bluman has a B.S.c in Mechanical Engineering.

  • CTO - Mr. Alon Goldstein

    Mr. Goldstein has extensive experience in managing complex electronics and control projects in both hi-tech and the medical devices industry. Prior to BioXtreme he teamed with Nini Bluman to lead a large interdisciplinary projects. He designed and implemented the software and electronics of BioXtreme’s first prototype, and co-developed with Nini the exclusive control concept on which the therapy method Is based. Mr. Goldstein has a B.S.c in Electrical Engineering

  • Medical Consultant - Prof. Avraham Ohry

    Prof. Ohry, MD, Chairman of the Rehabilitation section in Reut Medical Center & associate professor (Emeritus) of rehabilitation Medicine in Tel Aviv University. Prof. Ohry is an expert of rehabilitation medicine, with a sub-specialty in Neuro-Rehabilitation and over 15 years of serving as the Head of the Neurological Rehabilitation Department at the Sheba Medical Center, Tel-Hashomer. Holding senior positions and being internationally renowned, Prof. Ohry is active in driving BioXtreme into the rehabilitation world and establishes and supervises the clinical trials and professional publications.

  • Therapy Consultant - Prof. Eli Carmeli

    Associate professor & head of the physical therapy department at Haifa university. Previously, he was the chairperson on the Physical Therapy Department at Tel Aviv University for four years. Prof. Carmeli served for 6 years as the Chief Editor of the IPS (Israeli Physiotherapy Society) magazine. He designed the company’s therapy protocol and clinical trials.

  • Marketing Manager - Mrs. Hilla Hoffman

    Mrs. Hoffman is an experienced marketeer with over 15 years experience in marketing, communications and projects management for high-tech, pharmaceutical and public-sector companies in Israel and Europe. She has a BA in Psychology & Sociology from Tel-Aviv University.

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