BioXtreme is set to revolutionise the world of neurotherapy and neurorahabilitation while improving the lives of millions of stroke victims around the world each year.

General Overview

We have developed a ground-breaking technology that reduces by up to 50% the recovery time from stroke and other neurological injuries.

Although a new addition to the field of neurotherapy, BioXtreme is already being recognized as one of the key-players of the fast growing device market for Neurorehabilitation.

BioXtreme’s scientific technological breakthrough to globally change the perception of human’s motor learning, has received global patent certifications as well as unaffiliated recognition from global renown academic institutions.

Preforming a Clinical Trial in a Rehabilitation Center – the Netherlands
Abstract of the study protocol
Study participants: Stroke victims, inpatient at the post-acute phase.
Number of participants: 50 subjects.
The subjects are divided into a research group and control group: both groups perform the same rehabilitative diagnoses and treatments using the experi-mental system, except for one fundamental difference: for the study group participants during the exercises with the system, the method effect will be exerted on the practitioner to exert forces that increase motor errors.
Duration of treatment period: 2 weeks.
Amount of treatments on the system: 6-10 in total.
Duration for each treatment session: 20 minutes.
Diagnostic measures before and after the treatment period: M.A.S / Fugl-Meyer / M.E.G / Practitioner movement performance measures on the system (even during the exercises).