Stroke Rehabilitation Robotic Neurotherapy 100% additional improvement of motor recovery for stroke patients


  • Adaptive Instinct

    Our method is based on the body’s reaction to changes in environmental forces

  • Error Enhancement

    A robotic system applies error enhancement forces during motor practice

  • Instinctive Correction

    The forces applied trigger the patient to the immediate instinctive correction of movement

Revolutionizing Neurorehabilitation for Stroke Patients

The BioXtreme solution uses the body’s natural physical adaptive reactions without the need to rely on cognition, during our completely reimagined therapy sessions. Our methodology shortens recovery time from stroke for upper limbs and dramatically improves position accuracy and stability while increasingrange of motion.

“Improvements occurred only when the training forces magnified the original errors and not when training forces reduced the errors”
Evaluation of Robotic Training Forces That Either Enhance or Reduce Error in Chronic Hemiparetic Stroke Survivors, Northwestern University, Oct. 2005, Patton JL, Stoykov ME, Kovic M, Mussa-Ivaldi FA

Introducing deXtreme™: Innovative Post-Stroke Rehabilitative Device

Based on real-life adaptive processes, BioXtreme has developed a robotic arm coupled with adaptive algorithms for the treatment of upper limb post-stroke rehabilitation. Utilizing a 3D VR environment to motivate patients, the deXtreme™ device delivers unparalleled results in the field of neurorehabilitation.

For further information about the deXtreme™ device and our neurorehabilitation methodology